Impairment of the supply chain due to Corona Virus

In the last few days we have been requested by customers to check our supply chain relating to the corona virus as well as the material supply from China/Far East.

Since the impact of the virus already relate to the entire supply chain and is not just local or branch specific, we can only provide limited informations on this.

For specific questions to leading times an pre-planning please directly consult your responsible contact partner at any time or by calling tel. +49 2393 9183 0

In cases of urgency please get in touch with our sales management at
tel. 02393 9183 14

Further informations from the Federal Ministry of Health can be found at:

A local reforestation - this is probably what many regions in Germany dream of.

A local reforestation - this is probably what many regions in Germany dream of.

Many hands that help to reforest the once beautiful forest in the are around the Sorpesee and the initiative "Waldlokal" was the inititator.
"Waldlokal" doesn't mean a pub, but a project with a heart for the local forests. Because the forests in the Sauerland is in poor condition. Due to the bark beetle infestation, the cities and municipalities were partly forced to clear the forests extensively. The "WaldLokal" initiative started a first planting campaign in Sundern on 20.03.22, in which we, as a member of the einsU business initiative, helped. Together with mayor Klaus-Rainer Willeke and many volunteers, including K&W Sales Manager Magnus Bende and representatives of Sorpetaler Fensterbau, 1,000 new native trees were planted in the forests.

New in our Portfolio

Distance bushes with a diameter of 60 mm.



Trade fair dates 2022

Thank you very much for visiting our stand during TUBE 2022 in Düsseldorf.


Kick off for the new volleyballseasion

The press conference on the 13 of September was the official kick-off for the new 2022-23 volleyball season. The press, sponsors, the Mues & Schrewe agency, the team and the board were all represented and showed what is meant by "we together".

A project like the third national league can only be managed with the help of local businesses, which have stuck with us even after our relegation from the Second League, as well as with regular public relations work through print and online media, a committed board and, above all, a high-performance team. The young ladies come from the club's own talent pool, the coaches are highly qualified and have been with the club for a long time, and a solid substructure with many teams in adult and youth leagues ensures a "supply" of ambitious new young talent.

"We have been supporting this sporting commitment for many years and we are happy to be a sponsor again this year," Magnus Bende from Kaiser & Waltermann explained. "Yesterday at the press conference you could feel that everyone involved is really keen to go "full throttle" again and "rock" the league. A great team from Sorpesee! We are keeping our fingers crossed for the coaching team and the players and wish them a good season - preferably at the top of the table," Bende condludes.