The industrial location Sundern is characterized by medium-size companies, which are family-run and worldwide acting. Here we present us as an attractive and innovative employer.

To support the site Sundern also as a brand, we get involved with the initiative "einsU" and Homebase Sauerland. The aim of these initiatives is to develop the companies as well as to win apprentices and employees, to counteract demographic change and to strengthen the image of Sundern as city and the region in general.

In this regard we are also as sponsor in contact with different associations:
The handball team “HV Sundern” plays an important role in Sundern as well as in our company. We support the volleyball team “RC Sorpesee”, which is successful in the national league, different organizations and schools and furthermore the carnival club "Flotte Kugel Sundern e.V.".

Because our children shape the future of our society, we are also committed to the day-care center in Amecke.

The current political evolution shows the importance of volunteer work in a community. We support our employees with these tasks and give them within the scope of our possibilities the freedom to contribute in our community.