Tubular rivets, parts made of tube, pins or metal bushes are very important as electronical components. But tubular rivets are also used in other ranges. In this special application it serves as axis. It connects plastics with metal and with this it shapes the axis. This application is often used in vehicle manufacturing and thereby in the automotive industry. We can readily meet the high requirements of the automotive industry. Regular certifications and the fulfillment of individual customer requests confirm our production and operating processes. With this we guarantee a constantly high quality of our rivets, which we also produce with a rolled or countersunk head. Tubular rivets as axes are also used as an element in the white goods industry. In all electronical household appliances rivets are used for example the cap of a water boiler. In addition to that, our tubular rivets are also components for tank systems made of plastics in passenger cars. Kaiser & Waltermann rivets are ubiquitous in our daily life.