Rivets, pins and bushes are important because they do not only keep products together but they also fix parts and connect them. For example our product: the tubular rivet. It keeps straps and canvases strongly together. Straps and canvases which mainly serve for protection and safety. It can be used for truck-canvases or trailer-canvases, for parachute, climbing or technical harnesses like tension belts, for hoisting slings or load restraint assemblies. The harnesses serve as protection of goods but also of people. Safety is ranked first. Seat and safety belts but also technical textiles have to be strong against external force effects. Also truck and trailer belts have to be fixed very well. In this task, tubular rivets are belt equipment and fastening systems at once that are exposed to high pressure. Therefore tubular rivets are important and challenging goods which we are producing with highest attention on good quality.