Tubular rivets as connecting part of an axis or a cramp on a canvas cover: canvas covers made from PVC or other technical cloths are applied as truck plane, sunscreen, tarpaulins or also in fair constructions. Tubular rivets are used to connect cramps or counter plates, which serve to fix the actual planes, e.g. of a truck or trailer, with the cloth of the plane. Such a plane, whether truck plane, sunscreen or tarpaulin, is always exposed to strains such as wind or to other influences due to its regular covering and uncovering. The planes are in movement and therefore fastening elements as plane fittings or clamps have to be connected with the plane material. Tubular rivets are the best connecting elements which are most frequently used in the handling of planes. Our tubular rivets are available in many different materials. Please contact us, we are happy to advise you!