Plug connections like this appear in different areas, including the electronic engineering and pneumatics. Components, that have to be hold together, are riveted. Therefor the elements which have to be connected need to have a drilled hole with a bigger diameter than the requested rivet itself. With this, smallest elements in plug connections in the electrical industry can be connected. With our rivet we can connect thin walled metals but also plastics. Also in the pneumatics and automation rivets are used as fixation and connection element. There are many different applications of our products – and for this we offer individual production methods. Due to this our rivets are used in many technologies. We also produce individual solutions based on your requirements. To complete the package, we offer final treatments as vibratory grinding, pickling, deburring, greasing or oiling. In the production of visually attractive, function-related, security-related, stable or flexible fixations and connections Kaiser & Waltermann offers a reliably constant quality. The specifications for this are guaranteed by regular controls and inspections of all technical and commercial processes.