Riveting technology is an indispensable module in manufacturing either to connect components with each other or – like in this case – to secure their movability. Two rivets are used as an axis for movable parts. To create end products with highest precision riveting as technology is necessary: whether it´s about components for joints or hinges for the automobile and furniture industries or components for products in the medical engineering, household appliance industry or electrical engineering. Also in model construction rivets are applied as movable connection. In those cases they are used to mechanically connect components. To glue or solder these parts wouldn´t be a good solution as the elements have to be movable, e.g. rotable – or if the connection has to be a temporary joint, e.g. for maintenance work. Another reason could be that the surfaces of the materials or components that have to be connected do not allow being glued or soldered. In these cases riveting is the best solution.