Kaiser & Waltermann develops your custom tube solution, working together with you!

We are your partner from idea through to series manufacture, and stand by your side with our project team during every phase of the project.

Trust in our many years of experience and competence!


Using agile project management, comprehensive manufacturing feasibility analysis and close cooperation with our suppliers we can move quickly and successfully towards series production!

With a product base of more than 15,000 different products, we can fall back on comprehensive knowledge and proven processes when developing the manufacturing process for your product!


With in-house manufacture on more than 200 automated machines, a wide variety of forming and material removal work processes are possible with outer diameters of 0.8 - 60 mm and lengths of 2 - 500 mm. Complex automated multi-step machines allow up to 10 different machining steps per product.

It is our ambition to work as a full service provider for you, implementing your requirements in all respects. Your requirements for a special technical surface, 100% sorting, JUST IN TIME delivery, special packaging regulations or mounting of the tube components within an assembly will be planned for you and implemented into series production.

Through the quality management system implemented at Kaiser & Waltermann, which is aligned with the requirements of the IATF and the VDA, the PDCA cycle is used to drive a regular check of the project milestones for effectiveness.
To transfer your custom raw component to series manufacture, we carry out a comprehensive process and product release together with you.

If you have questions or a specific project, then we would be happy to assist.
How can we help you?

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Commercial Management

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