Kaiser und Waltermann Anwendung Steckerverbinder für Elektronik und Pneumatik

Innovative connectors for electronics and pneumatics

Discover our high-quality connectors, which are used in many electronics and pneumatics areas. Our innovative products offer reliable solutions for the fastening and connection of parts and components.

Rivets for precise connections

Our high-quality rivets serve to securely hold individual components together. Thanks to our flexible manufacturing processes, we can connect even the smallest parts in plug connections for the electronics industry. Our know-how allows us to reliably connect thin-walled metal or plastic components.

Broad applications in different technologies

Our rivets are used in a variety of technologies and industries, including electronics, pneumatics and automation. We offer customised solutions that meet your specific requirements. Our comprehensive service also includes aftertreatments such as surface grinding, pickling, deburring, greasing or oils, so that our products are not only functional, but also visually appealing, safety-relevant and of consistent quality.

High-quality rivets for your connection tasks

Rely on Kaiser & Waltermann when it comes to high-quality rivets that reliably meet your fastening and connection requirements. Our specifications are ensured by regular inspections and tests in technical and commercial processes.

Contact us today to learn more about our innovative connectors and customised solutions for your electronic and pneumatic applications.

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