Kaiser und Waltermann Anwendung Lösungen für die Möbelbranche

Innovative solutions for the furniture industry

Riveting technology plays a decisive role in the production of furniture, whether to connect components to each other or to ensure their mobility. Two rivets serve as an axis for moving parts. Riveting technology is an indispensable technology for producing end products with the highest precision.

Diverse applications in different industries

Our technology is used in various industries, including the automotive industry, medical technology, the household appliance industry, the electrical industry and even in model making. In the automotive and furniture industries, our products are used, for example, to produce components for joints and hinges.

Mechanical connections with the highest precision

Mechanical connections of components are indispensable in model making and other applications. Bonding or soldering is often not a suitable solution here, since the parts to be connected must be movable, for example rotatable, or the connection must be detachable for maintenance work. Sometimes the surfaces of the materials or components do not allow adhesion or soldering. In such cases, riveting is the best choice!

Quality & precision

Rely on Kaiser & Waltermann for innovative solutions in the furniture industry and beyond. Our technology stands for quality and precision and we are proud to be able to offer tailor-made solutions for the individual requirements of our customers.

Contact us today to learn more about our innovative products and tailor-made solutions for the furniture industry and related industries. We look forward to working with you.

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