Kaiser und Waltermann Anwendung Rohrniete und Verbindungselemente für die Elektroindustrie

Tubular rivets and connecting elements for the electrical industry

The electrical industry is characterised by constant progress and increasingly complex requirements. Tubular rivets, collar rivets and multi-hollow rivets play a crucial role in this high-tech environment. Our wide range of products offers individual solutions for the electrical industry and related sectors. Learn how our high-quality connecting elements help drive innovation in the electrical industry.

Perfect solutions for innovative applications

Tubular rivets: The invisible connecting elements for electronic devices

Tubular rivets are inconspicuous but indispensable connecting elements in the electrical industry. They enable the secure connection of thin-walled plastic parts, which are used in many electronic devices. A prominent example is the connection of the on/off switch to the electronic device itself. Our tubular rivets fulfil this task effortlessly and reliably.

Custom-made products for individual requirements

We know that tailor-made solutions are often required in the electrical industry. That is why we offer our customers the opportunity to have special parts manufactured according to their requirements. Our highly qualified team works closely with you to ensure that your individual requirements are incorporated into the production process. This way, you can be sure that our connecting elements will fit perfectly with your applications.

Innovation through modern production processes

We are always up to date with the latest technology and rely on modern production processes. This enables us to manufacture high-precision and reliable connecting elements that meet the high requirements of the electrical industry. Our commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in every one of our products.

In-house toolshop for customer-specific solutions

Our customers appreciate the flexibility that our in-house toolshop offers us. Constructions and calculations can be seamlessly integrated into the production process in order to realise bespoke solutions. This allows us to meet even the most demanding of requirements and to support innovative projects in the electrical industry.

Discover how our tubular rivets, collar rivets and multi-purpose bushings can advance the electrical industry. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality connecting elements and customer-specific solutions. We are your reliable partner for outstanding quality and innovative technology in the electrical industry.

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