Kaiser und Waltermann Anwendung Rohrverbindungen für die Elektrotechnik und Elektronik Quadrat

Innovative tube connections for electrical engineering and electronics

Electrical engineering and electronics require high-quality connectors to ensure reliable function. Our tube rivets, tube mouldings and sleeves made of metal are indispensable components in these industries and offer a variety of applications - whether as a solder bushing, cable tube or guide bushing. Learn more about how our high-precision tube fittings are advancing the electrical industry.

Quality and durability

High-precision tube rivets for outstanding performance

Our tube rivets are made of seamless precision tube and are characterised by their versatility. They are available in various versions, e.g. with a flat head, rolled round head or countersunk head, while always ensuring a constant wall thickness. This precise manufacturing process offers clear advantages over the production of deep-drawn hollow rivets, since the inner and outer diameter of the shaft remains exactly cylindrical while the wall thickness remains the same.

Comprehensive range of applications in the electrical industry

Our tube rivets and fine tube parts are used in a variety of applications, including electrical installation, electroacoustics and electrical machine construction. In the electrical industry, which attaches great importance to the durability of its products, our tube fittings are a reliable choice.

Quality and durability

Our main goal is to produce high-quality tube fittings that meet the high requirements of electrical engineering and electronics. Our products stand out by their quality and durability.

Learn more about how our tube fittings can improve the performance and durability of your electrical and electronic systems. Contact us today to discuss customised solutions for your requirements. We are your reliable partner for innovative connectors.

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