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Innovative tube rivet systems for vehicle construction

Vehicle construction is a demanding area with numerous challenges. Our tube rivets are indispensable connectors that play a key role in various vehicle construction applications. Learn more about our high-quality solutions and how they help to ensure the resilience and durability of vehicles.

Strong connections for tarpaulin fabrics

Tarpaulin fabrics, often made of PVC or technical fabrics, are widely used in vehicle construction. Whether truck tarpaulins, sun protection, tarpaulins or trade fair construction, the fastening of these tarpaulins requires reliable connectors. Tube rivets are used here to securely connect staples or counter plates to the tarpaulin material.

Challenges in tarpaulin handling

Tarpaulins are exposed to high loads, whether due to wind or frequent clamping and unclamping. Fastening elements such as tarpaulin fittings, tarpaulin hooks and guy hooks must therefore be particularly robust. Our tube rivets are optimised for these requirements and are available in application-specific materials.

Tailor-made solutions for your needs

Our experts are at your disposal to develop customised solutions for your specific requirements in vehicle construction. We offer high-quality tube rivets that help ensure the integrity of your vehicles and allow the secure fastening of tarpaulin fabrics. Contact us to learn more about our products and consulting services. Kaiser & Waltermann is your reliable partner for innovative solutions in vehicle construction.

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