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High-quality collars functional versatility and precision

Collars are an essential component in engineering and offer outstanding functions and precision for various applications.


Single, double, and triple collars
Optimal solutions for a wide range of requirements

Our high-quality single, double, and triple collars stand out for their first-class workmanship and high functionality. These sleeve variants offer a wide range of applications and are optimised for different applications.


Reduced ends or smoothly cut
flexibility in application

Our collars are available either with reduced ends or a smooth cut. This flexible selection makes it possible to choose the right variant according to the requirements of your projects.


Support and hose sleeves
robust support and safety

The single and double collars serve excellently as support sleeves and ensure the necessary stability and safety in a variety of constructions. In addition, they are also suitable as hose sleeves to create a safe and reliable connection between hoses.


Triple collars as precise spacer elements

Our triple collars, on the other hand, are particularly appreciated as precise spacer elements. Due to their careful production, they ensure exact distances between components, which is crucial for smooth functioning and performance of the structures.


Our quality and your satisfaction
a strong partnership

As experts in the field of collars, we attach great importance to quality and precision. Our products are made of carefully selected materials and are subject to strict quality controls to ensure flawless functionality. We know you want to deliver excellence, and our collars are designed to meet and exceed those expectations.


Additional facts

Our collar sleeves are available in various materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and brass to meet the individual requirements of different industries.

The precise manufacturing of our collar sleeves enables easy installation and ensures long-term stability in the structures.

Thanks to their resistance to corrosion and wear, our collar sleeves are suitable for use in demanding environments and industries such as aerospace, the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

Our dedicated customer service team is at your disposal to assist you in selecting the optimal collar sleeves for your specific projects and to answer your questions.


Efficient and durable solutions for your projects

Overall, our collar sleeves offer an excellent balance of functionality, precision, and reliability. Whether you need support, hose or spacer sleeves, our high-quality products are designed to meet your needs and take your designs to the next level. Trust in our experience and quality to successfully implement your projects. Contact our team today to learn more about our premium collar sleeves.

Order example

Dimensions not listed with other diameters and wall thicknesses can also be manufactured.
Our sales department will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have. Please contact us.

Material Naming d1 s L NA NA2 Surface
Copper Double collar rivet 4 0,25 20 5 3 silver-plated 12 µm
Cu-DBN 4 x 0,25 x 20 mm, NA=5, NA2=3, silver-plated 12 µm

Length specification (L, NA, NA2) and surface as required

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