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Fitting inserts for electricians Aluminium D-sleeves

We know that engineers in the electrical industry have special requirements when it comes to fitting inserts for D-fuse sockets of low-voltage fuses. Here we would like to introduce you to the advantages and the importance of aluminium D-sleeves, the perfect solution for your technical applications.

Why aluminium D-sleeves? The function and meaning

Alu-D-sleeves are specially developed fitting inserts that are widely used in the electrical industry. They serve as essential components for D-fuse sockets of low-voltage fuses and play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and safe operation of electrical systems.


Colour coding for clear identification

An important function of aluminium D-sleeves is their colour coding, which is prescribed by the standards of sizes D01 to D03. The use of different colours allows a clear identification and distinction between the different sizes, which allows engineers a precise selection and installation.

Our tailor-made solutions for your needs

The standard sleeves according to DIN 49 523 are always available and they can be found in the following list with article number.

We also offer tailor-made solutions for Alu-D sleeves that meet your specific technical needs. Whether it concerns special requirements for material, size, or surface finish, we have the right solution for you.


The advantages of aluminium D-sleeves at a glance

  • Excellent stability and durability: Aluminium D-sleeves are known for their high stability and durability, which makes them a reliable choice for electrical applications.
  • Heat and corrosion resistant: The sleeves are made of aluminium, which gives them excellent heat and corrosion resistance, ideal for long-term use in demanding environments.
  • Lightweight yet robust: Despite their low weight, aluminium D-sleeves are surprisingly robust and resistant to mechanical loads.
  • Easy installation: Thanks to their precise construction and colour coding, the sleeves can be installed easily and efficiently.


Trust in our expertise

As a leading supplier of aluminium D-sleeves for the electrical industry, we stand for outstanding quality and first-class service. Our years of experience and expertise allow us to offer you the best possible solution for your technical requirements.


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Find out more about our high-quality Alu-D sleeves and let our tailor-made solutions convince you. Contact our dedicated sales team and discover how our products can efficiently support your projects.


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Our aluminium D-sleeves meet all common safety standards, which are audited and confirmed annually by the VDE with the certificate "Supervised production facility"..
Trust in us as your trusted partner for fitting applications in the electrical industry.

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Size Ampere Color K&W-naming Article no.
D 02 10 rot 9,9 mm
big head
37 10005
Aluminum D-sleeve 9.9 mm large head, red, article no. 37 10005

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